One Coat


Vishal One Coat Plaster is gypsum based aggergated with perlite & special additives, provides as ideal base coat plaster for interior walls and ceilings. Suitable for application on most internal backgrounds including brick, block and concrete. Application with either rough finishes or in attractive durable smooth finish.


  • Directly applicable single coat application
  • Free of shrinkage cracks
  • High coverage
  • Requires zero Maintenance
  • Compatible with all types of points
  • Available in 25 kg HDPE packaging
  • Lightweight
  • High Light reflection
  • No water curing required
  • Non combustible, Thermal resistant

Unlike ordinary sand plaster which can expand and explode during fires and/or when subjected to high temperatures. Vishal one coat plaster have low linear expansion characteristics which greatly reduce the number and size of cracks. By reducing the number and size of cracks through the plaster,the heat and flames, perlite release chemically combined water in form of water has been driven off as steam. Meanwhile the insulating action of the perlite aggergates delays the release of steam and retards the transmission of heat , thus improving overall fire - proofing characteristics.


The Ligthness, compatibility and low water requirementsof Vishal on coat makes it adaptables for use with most plastering machine. Over monolithic concrete, The thickness of vishal one coat plaster shall not exceed 31/8 in.(10 mm) on ceiling and 51/8in.(16 mm) on walls.

Setting Time

Plastering specification usually require that gypsum based coated plaster have a setting time pf not more than four hours. Slow setting plaster result in a weak base coat. excessive drying shrinkage and needless finish coat fractures. Vishal one coat used in these application has a set time of approximately 35-45 minute after mixing.


Weighs approximately 54% less than the ordinary sand plaster.Saving about 900kg for every of Material applied with 13mm thick coat.



Stucco plaster is superior quality plaster of paris, which is super white and manufactured by calcining high purity natural gypsum. It is manufacture in where in an automatic continuous flow kettle under controlled quality. This range of plaster can be used for normal application, where plaster of Paris is used.Three varieties are available - Stucco, Stucco Fine and Stucco Superfine. Each variety has different customer needs. A superbly even finish. quick but gradual setting time and no water curing, combined with the excellent fire protection properties of gypsum, makes the Stucco range of plaster a sound choice for decoration on walls and ceilings. This smoother, stronger and whiter plaster is ideal for making comices, ceiling roses, fire surrounds and other intricate decorative patterns. Apart from better work ability as well as strong bonding with background, the background, the finished surface is shrinkage and crack free.


Stucco is applied using hawk and trawel method as per recommended practice, where the thickness in one application should not exceed 13mm. Stucco plaster can be applied over most existing surfaces. The suitable of a particular background for plastering should be considered in relation to its strength, suction, bonding properties, shrinkage surface or thermal movement characteristics, water and soluble salt content.


Recommended thickness of applied plaster should be 6 to 8mm.


Once the Plaster has set, You can put up fixing of varying weight. Smaller once can be supported by using hooks and pins, While frames and objects can be accommodated with plugs and screws or suitable fixtures, adequately penetrated into the background to ensure a firm hold.


During application of stucco plaster in hot and dry conditions, care should be taken to ensure that rapid loss of water is avoided. The Plaster set to their full strength, provided water is mixed to the plaster in a specified ratio. If the water dries off too rapidly, then the strength of the plaster will be impaired


Stucco Plaster are suitable for use under normal occupancy conditions. Building in which Stucco Plaster are used should be dry, glazed and enclosed.


BONDCHEM is high strength green colour granular paint for bonding gypsum/cement plaster & concrete etc.

Application Procedure:

  • Mix the contents before use.
  • Apply with brush on dry concrete block/RCC.
  • Apply gypsum plaster after 24 hours or after material has dried based on the environment conditions. Apply at least 3 coats for desired results.


  • Ready to apply single coat paint.
  • Very strong mechanical cum chemical bond is created.
  • Green colour of BONDCHEM gives it good visibility.
  • No hacking required on concrete surface. Hence prevention of micro cracking int concrete & saving of labour.
  • Water proofing property
  • Impact resistant
  • Plaster can be bonded even after several days of BONDCHEM application.


  • Wash hands after application or use hand gloves
  • If goes in eyes wash with water continuously till burning stops or visit doctor.